Moord in Artis - Murder in the Zoo

An exciting and thrilling audio experience that takes you on a wild ride through ARTIS and lets you explore a world both real and fictional that intertwine. Storytelling entertainment in the gardens of ARTIS as you’ve never experienced anywhere before.

We were approached bij the agency DAWN in the spring of 2017. They had an idea of a story to be told in the gardens of ARTIS aimed at attracting a new crowd to explore the zoo. Telling a fictional story intertwined with the reality of Artis.



Moord in ARTIS from Next Empire on Vimeo.


Through a half an hour experience that takes you through Artis, the user gets to hear a story unfolding about a ghost that has travelled from a far. Whilst the story unfolds specific artefacts in the gardens are highlighted in the story. Old buildings, dinosaur statues and much much more.


We’ve build native apps for both iOS and Android and build a custom CMS for geomapping a story, sounds and triggerpoint at any location. The experience runs completely from within the app and once started you can put your phone in your pocket, plug in you headset and start wondering and the story will unfold as you go.


Looking towards the future we’ve build a platform to last. Talks for more stories and content are already in the works. Adding an experiential layer one at a time. Sometimes fictional, sometimes educational or even plainly soundscaping far away habitats.


The app is the first experience build with our proprietary platform. Which can be found here.