Augmented Audio - a storytelling platform

Are you a storyteller? Or does your company, museum, father, teacher, lover or anyone around you have a story or myth to tell? This is the platform to use. Our proprietary platform combines traditional storytelling but frees it up to interactivity and the use of real contextual audio. Unfolding stories varying per user.

Through years of experience with GPS and iBeacon tracking and playing around with storylines we’ve destilled a platform for telling stories. Able to gamify and contextify any story you want to tell.

CMS & white label apps (iOS & Android)

Ready to be customised with new design for any story or brand, the apps are fully tested and up to date. As well as a CMS which will help the story to be told the best way how.

Augmenting through Audio

Literally this means enhancing or amplifying your reality in other words your surroundings. By doing this you can integrate a fictional story with your actual physical reality. Bringing two worlds together enhancing the audio experience.

CMS / Platform

Through our custom CMS we can easily plot stories on a map. We use both GPS, Wifi and iBeacons for location determination. This way we keep track of your whereabouts and can tell your story uninterupted outside but also inside any building.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 11.27.02

Walking, biking, driving

Whatever your means of transportation is, our platform will be able to tell your story while you’re underway. When needed our platform can speed the audio up, pitching it back so you don’t hear it. Or our platform automatically starts suggesting next steps to discover more of the story.


By using your microphone in this experience we record your environment and create a seamless audio-mix of pre-recorded sounds and the actual environmental sounds. This engaging effect of this technology is that you’re less likely to take our headphones of and stay in the story bubble.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 11.24.32


Distance to each othr or an object can be used as a variable. For instance when users get closer to each other we can adjust volume accordingly by lowering or amplifying the audio. Either amplifying by connecting distance to the volume, or any other effect triggered by proximity / distance. This can mean proximity to a fixed object or in a multi user situation to another user, whose location is dynamic.

3D Sound

By using 3D sound we can make a user experience something in front, or behind or circling the listener. Even though a headphone doesn’t supply us with directional info, our app can read you direction if you’re walking in a certain direction for more than a few steps.

Recording reality with your mic

Every time a user listens to the story he or she records sounds at certain intervals. These sounds are then used on the exact same place to be played for later listeners on the same place. Making the sounds relevant and actual possibility of being able to be heard there.


Making use of the microphone we can open up connections between users. Are they really here? Or are they fictional characters? Just picking up sound and reproducing it elsewhere, or actual conversation for others to connect.


Also available offline. You download the story as a user and start wondering away. If your connection fails at any time after the download is complete your experience will not be cut short.

Your story!

So what is your story? We can help you with the full service from concept, to scripting, to recording, etc.

Let us know if you have a story to tell! Reach out to