Worldwide FM

Gilles Peterson is a hero and a tastemaker. We didn't think twice when the opportunity presented itself to work together with WorldWide FM.

We were approached some time ago by a friend, Nalden. He nudged us to see if we were interested in working wiht Gilles on his new platform. Obviously we said “let’s go!”.


The team of Worldwide FM

After having a few calls with the team of WorldWide FM we proposed to get them app-borne asap and work with them on other stuff after the apps went live. So now on the 23rd of March the apps are live and we look to to the future. Though the most important part is already solved, WorldWide FM now reaches mobile users worldwide with an app.

SONOS native app

For WWFM we’re building out the full range of digital presence for a internet radio station. So as of now the also have their own native Sonos app. Soon more Sonos - WWFM news will be shared!

Download the app:
For android
For iOS