Festival app - Everything's a playlist!

We love festivals. Having tried our other apps at more then a 100 of them always gives us new insights and ideas. One idea is for a concept app like this one where everything you see is a playlist. In other words you can instantly play and listen to all the lists in here. The full program, the recommendations, your friends schedule and those of the selected curators.

The two biggies

On a festival there are always two big variables that matter. One is the music and two are your friends. In some cases number one and two swap places. With this in mind we concepted this app. In stead of trying to get everything in there from friend finder to memory-maker to festival tinder we stripped it all to just the basics. The music you and friends you love.


Playlistify everything

When you start getting excited about a festival you see the headlines appear in the news and some of them you already know. Ussually a festivals program consists of somewhere around 15-25% you know and the rest you have no idea. We try and help you with that. By using our app you can instantly add the artist you know and more importantly instantly listen to the ones you don’t.

Who do I like!?

So whom of the artists you don’t know do you like? Well we’re here to help. Through shwowing you the timetables of your friends program as playlists you can listen through them. No need to search for every artist in spotify or somewhere else and if you like one you press the ”+” and they are added to your program-playlist.

Second a festival (or client) can select curators, these are featured and their playlisted programs are available for you to instantly listen and add to your program.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 10.54.02

Collaborative filtering

If that is not enough - which we can imagine - we’ve added collaborative filtering to help you out. This is a method used for ages by last.fm and now most recently by Spotify for their “dicvoer weekly” playlists that gathers the wisdom of the masses. In other words by scanning program-playlists we detect which artists might also fit in your program. This gets improved a little more by your Spotify profile we add in the mix.

Are you a festival in need of an app?

This app has been build and tested for clients last year. The CMS, the Spotify SDK integration and the Facebook integration to get all your friends on board to listen and share are all 100% up and running. Any custom features can easily be added to the apps.

Feel free to approach us. With some minor adjustments - mainly adapting to the identity of your festival - we can have this app - both iOS and Android - up and runnning for you in no time. Feel free to reach out via: vincent@nextempire.net !