Laser VR / a social WebVR demo

Our company culture makes room for experimentation. Every couple of weeks we dedicate time from the team to develop or explore a hunch of their own. In this case a social VR experiment to be demoed at the Bright Convention 2018.

In most cases Virtual Reality is a singular and exclusive experience. As a user you wear a headset, dive into whatever experience there is and you’re disconnected from the world. However true immersiveness - the promise of VR - comes from a few yet to be explored variables. For instance 360 video is not real VR. There’s zero interaction with the user’s surroundings nor is there a dynamic playback of the experience it’s all lineair. One of the things we wanted to experiment with is multi-user VR, in other words let multiple users inhabit the same Virtual Space.

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The VR barrier to entry

Modern game engines facilitate a multi-user experience, however the barrier to entry is high. The problem being the high cost to participate. You need the right glasses, the right equipment and even the right game-license.


WebVR is an open standard. This enables a developer to create a virtual environment where people can enter via a browser, both from mobile and desktop. Working with 3D audio, moving objects, interactivity, etc. Through the use of this standard we are able to democratize VR to the world and open up the experience for every user with a compatible browser.

Bright Day DEMO

Especially for Bright Day we created a demo to show the zero-barrier-to-entry-quality of WebVR. The demo consists of three stages. And the participants consist out of 1 HTC-vive player - also through web - and unlimted amount of browser players. In this case mobile browsers from people in the audience. People could go to a url displayed on screen, enter their name and the game would start. In the first stage you choose the color of your laser gun. In the second you choose the color of your laser-beam and then comes the third stage. The HTC vive player is in the centre of the game. The room needs to destroy the “blob” which is controlled by the HTC vive player. The only mode of defence the HTC player has is to draw shields surronding him.

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Wanna play?

If you want to challenge us to a little game of Laser VR let us know. Drop us an email or a txt and we’ll set up a game asap!