Sony - Ozark Henry "Elliot"

For Ozark Henry (Piet Goddaer) - a signed artist at Sony Records - we created the world's first audio-responsive Augmented Reality video, as an app. All you need is a face: the canvas for the video to unfold onto.


In this 7-minute video, the user is the canvas on which the story unfolds. Through the camera of your phone, you look at your face and slowly the mask comes into place. It’s also possible to look at other faces as the canvas of the experience. During the song, a mask is drawn on your face. This mask gets distorted and music starts breaking it up. Further into the song, the masks are distorted to cubist depths by the audio running through it.


Augmented Reality is all the hype these days. With the coming of Apple’s ARkit and Google’s ARcore, so many fun things are possible! For this video and the AR experience, we used the user’s face, staying close to the person. We use a person’s face as the canvas by tracking all the head movements and their mimicry Realtime. During the experience, we invite the user to playfully work his/her face.

Unfortunately, this app is no longer available to download.