The Transmigration of Morton F.

Working together with opera director Sjaron Minailo and filmmaker Ruben van Leer, we conceptualized and developed an interactive online opera for the Holland festival.


Over the years, classical art forms such as opera and ballet have been struggling to keep the attention of the younger generation. Media consumption has become more volatile, resulting in a growing need to innovate both form and tradition. We were very excited to actually bring this to life, while working alongside opera director Sjaron Minailo and filmmaker Ruben van Leer.

Proof of Concept

We first had to assess to what extent an interactive, browser-based opera experience was feasible from a technological perspective. By creating an interactive 360º WebGL player with advanced progressive video playback, multiple separate audio tracks and real-time green screening, we proved this could all run smoothly on a standard computer.

Shooting 360 with a new rig

We used a new type of rig for this shoot, achieving a higher quality video than a common GoPro setup could, without it being as data heavy as a RED rig. The rig consisting of Sony A7s was modelled for a previous project and could now finally be put to test. We also imported a VR Gimbal drone cart from the UK – the first of its kind in the Netherlands – as to create ultra-smooth riding shots.


Putting it all together

Once the material was stitched, the project started coming together. We combined our 360º WebGL environment with a 2D player, added the audio, and implemented object tracking to create collectable, interactive bones in the videos.

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The transmigration of Morton F

In this digital opera the protagonist is legendary vocal artist Joan La Barbara, who is played by the artist herself. While visiting Amsterdam she finds herself caught up in a game of cat and mouse with a mysterious character she believes to be the reincarnation of Morton Feldman, an iconic composer she used to work with in the past. As La Barbara’s surreal dream world unravels, the viewers are invited on a journey to explore the infinite paths of Spiegel’s and Feldman’s compositions.

In collaboration with Jean Jacques Warmerdam