KPN - "You and_AI"

In Februari 2018 KPN kicked of the recruitment season 2018 with something special. “Robots are taking our job!” Or not? To challenge this assumption we’ve created the AR installation “You and AI” together with N=5.

You &_AI For KPN we created an Augmented Reality (AR) installation. The installation is part of a KPN recruitment campaign travelling to various recruitment events throughout the country. Through a playful interaction people can experience the transformation how people live and work.


KPN - Casefilm - "You an AI" from Next Empire on Vimeo.


Once you approach the installation you are asked to enter your name and occupation on the iPad mounted to the side of the installation. Once entered you get asked to go in. By entering the installation detects that the experience can start. Through a scripted story a voice takes you on a short journey. While being spoken to you’re slowly transformed into a cyborg.



The user is free to move around and this way he or she fully controls the movements of the cyborg face. The final stage of discovering your future you is the tearing away of the hard shell cyborg mask and what is left is your reflection as pure energy. A possible version of your future you. You control the face completely, you can open your mouth and it makes noise, you can close your eyes and you can move the face around. At the end you can enter you email and you’ll receive a shareable object in the form of a picture. The experience ends by showing you the likelihood of robots taking over your job in the near future. The higher the percentage, the more robot like your features.