About Us

Our studio consists of a team of creative professionals that is able to develop a product or production from concept to final execution. Our strength lies in our diverse backgrounds in technology, strategy and product design. With our combined expertise we rapidly turn ideas into prototypes, allowing for plenty of user and client feedback at every iteration.

How we work

Continuous experimentation

Continuous experimentation

Through continuous experimentation we can combine and repurpose current and new technology. Our persistent curiosity always pushes us to experiment and explore beyond existing business models and products.

Develop by doing

Develop by doing

Our bias is to cut through the conversation and debate simply by making. Our approach is based on iterative building cycles combining intuition and feedback as our compass.

The multi-tool studio

The multi-tool studio

We have hands-on experience in engineering, strategy, machine learning, design and software development. This provides a wide field of view so problems and opportunities can be caught at an early stage.

We’re in it for the long run

We’re in it for the long run

Next Empire believes in long-lasting, genuine partnerships with its clients, allowing for a level of dialogue that creates sustainable growth and drives custom innovation.


  • Vincent Lindeboom

    Vincent Lindeboom

    CEO / Founder

  • Pieter Jongsma

    Pieter Jongsma

    Technology Lead

  • Bart van Rossenberg

    Bart van Rossenberg

    Product Lead

  • Daniel Disselkoen

    Daniel Disselkoen

    Creative Director

  • Ingo Valente

    Ingo Valente