RCO Meets Fink

In partnership with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra we have developed an intuitive concert experience, bridging different music styles in order to reach new and younger audiences.

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We helped the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (RCO) reach new and younger audiences by developing a digital concept that bridges RCO’s unique sound with music styles which today’s millennials more commonly prefer.

The iPad app named RCO meets Fink is built around a RCO performance with UK-based artist Fink. It provides an intuitive concert experience, based on a specifically designed timeline concept, allowing users to simultaneously activate different content layers.

Traditional boundaries

Together with RCO we developed a strategy to engage new and younger audiences outside the boundaries of their comfort zone (concert hall). This strategy is firmly based on the hypothesis that there is an implicit boundary that withholds younger crowds from entering the traditional world of classical music. This barrier exists on both a content (music style) and physical level (buying tickets for a traditional concert hall).


Reaching younger crowds

We first decided to reach out to the new audience digitally, which meant directly in their homes (rather than trying to get them to buy tickets for an RCO concert). Secondly, we developed an intuitive and digital concept that would provide users with a unique performance experience in their own home through activation of different content angles (perspectives, interviews, viewing angels). We finally picked a RCO performance from which a prototype could be developed. We specifically chose the yearly ‘meet-up’ of the orchestra with a non-classical artist. In this case: Fink.


Reliving the concert

The app we created showcases a live recording of the concert, enriched by additional interactive layers, featuring interviews with the musicians, footage of Fink band members looking back at the event, excerpts from the dress rehearsal and a 360° video on-stage recording. Users can activate these layers themselves using a unique timeline feature that plays them back fully synchronised with the concert recording.

RCO meets Fink formed the foundation for RCO’s current online content strategy, RCO Universe.