Mediamarkt - Altijd Aan!

Okay, it may sound a little crazy: man gets trapped in Media Markt and decides he never wants to leave. But it is the foundation of a successful campaign that offers the full retail brand new perspective. To celebrate the 1st anniversary Czar asked us to help them out connecting all devices together.

  • commercial
  • drones

For this commercial Czar wanted to do something special. Everything needed to be real. Instead of all technology coming to live in post this all needed to be programmed up front.


For this specific job we had to program eight drones to fly in sync. See underneath one of the first tests we did as you can see the drones are controlled via a computer. We had quite some issues with getting the drones exactly synced in their fly patterns.

Phone screens in symphony

The Mediamarkt jingle needed to be played visually on all phones visible. For this we created a very basic interface where the directr could tap each phone he wanted to light up when playing the jingle. Underneath our first tests of this process.

The end result

All this and more custom technology - an iphone suit, a screen made out of 40 flat screen tv's, 40 synced laptop, etc - came together in this commercial.