KPN Bullettime

We have developed a mobile bullettime rig for the leading Dutch telecommunications provider KPN, which has been showcased at a number of major Dutch music festivals.

  • ios
  • realtime
  • installation

The Dutch telco KPN asked us to design a memorable and scalable festival experience for their music festival stand. In collaboration with creative agency La Bolleur, we built a custom bullettime rig (as first introduced to the public in the Matrix movies), allowing visitors of the KPN MusicState stand to take a so-called 180 selfie.


iPhones instead of DSLR’s

The rig was tailor made and consisted of 20 iPhones, instead of the more commonly used but also more expensive DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras). The iPhones were programmed to take pictures at exactly the same moment using a specifically designed iOS app.


Custom experience

Once in the booth, users have to enter their phone number on the controller iPad. Within seconds after taking the picture (180 selfie), the gif is then rendered and users receive it on their phone via text message. The rig showcased at four major Dutch music festivals: Pinkpop, Down The Rabbit Hole, Pitch and Lowlands.