EZ Happy Harvest

For this project for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs we shaped and animated a virtual reality experience (cardboard) taking people on a visual ride through the future of agriculture.

  • vr
  • opengl
  • android
  • ios
  • animation

Happy Harvest” was developed in order to foster innovation for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs . It is a virtual reality app that challenges students using the principles of design thinking (as opposed to more conventional problem-solving practices) to look at the highly dynamic future of agriculture.


Design thinking

Design thinking relies on our ability to be intuitive, to recognize patterns and to construct ideas that are emotionally meaningful as well as functional. By allowing students - who are not trained as designers - to apply design thinking, we created three animated 360 degree scenarios. The students can freely look around these scenarios, each one having its own interactive element.

Abstract future scenario’s

The scenarios used in the Happy Harvest app portray an abstract view of an agricultural world in 2050: growing furniture (biomimicry), cultured or synthetic meat and algae as a power source. With the help of Google Cardboard, users navigate through this world by looking around. Whichever way they look things start to happen: flowers grow, algae dissolve, the washing machine starts…


Custom apps

The virtual reality app is used to interview students in the field of agricultural education on complex, future issues. Ultimately harvesting their ideas, dreams and visions, and merging the results to design future policy. The app has been developed for both iOS and Android.