LGI Appathon.TV

Next Empire developed and organized a continuous series of hackathons to foster innovation for Liberty Global, world’s largest cable company. Topics ranged from personalized TV to games!

  • vr
  • hackathon
  • webgl

By designing a hackathon, we helped Liberty Global promote innovation of their products (and to see it leveraged in a new way). We gave it the name Appathon.TV. After a successful first year with an in-house event in 2014, the project expanded beyond Liberty Global walls into an open, two-day hackathon in 2015 and 2016.

Ziggo Dome

Last two years, approximately 80 developers got together in small teams in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam to design, build, and demo new personalized apps and games for the Liberty Global Application Platform (such as the Ziggo Horizon TV sets and the Horizon Go package deals). Developing was carried out with coding within the Metrological Application Framework, which is based on Open Standards and has a Javascript Interface.


Experimental collaboration

Besides Liberty Global, other highly innovative companies have also embraced hackathons. We believe they have the power to stimulate collaboration between developers, marketers and CEOs, and can create products or simply get ideas flowing outside of the conventional box.

Over the years, we have developed and organized over 10 hackathons, featuring hackdeoverheid (Open State foundation), musichackday (attended by Spotify, Echonest, Soundcloud and Lastfm) and NPO (the Dutch National Broadcasting Corporation).