3FM Awards @ Tivoli

Together with Tivoli and 3FM we concepted an indoor way-finding app specially designed to work together with iBeacons. So people always know where they are in this amazing and mazy building.

    For 3FM we are developing the Festival Diary, an app that helps festival visitors get the most out of their experience. When 3FM told us that the 3FM awards were in Tivoli we saw an opportunity to combine the two. We recently had spoken to Tivoli about their beautifull but maze-like building. We strategically positioned our iBeacons in the building and created a custom app to help visitors find their way and on top of that automatically create their own personal Spotify playlist of all the concerts they have visited!

    Indoor positioning

    Indoor positioning is impossible via GPS and not accurate enough via Wifi. iBeacons are the solution. By placing these all over the building we created a network that covered almost the whole building. Making it easy for people to find their way and keep track of the concerts they visited by automatically checking in.

    iBeacon CMS

    For previous endeavors we have developed our own custom iBeacon CMS. Specially for Tivoli we tailored it for easy mapping of indoor iBeacons. Meaning that every beacon has it’s own location, for instance “Ronda – left front”. This creates a pathway in our CMS where the visitors are and have been. Both realtime we can help steer you towards the right hallway and afterwards we have collected your memory for you.


    Through the use of iBeacons we can track – anonymously – where the flow of people move to. With realtime data coming in we can steer people to the less crowded pathways in the building. This can be further implemented to show which bars have the smallest ques, or even realtime where your friends are.