Approximately six months ago, we were approached by Merlijn Lammersen, an entrepreneur deeply invested in tackling pressing environmental challenges. The issue at hand was severe: sea-bound plastics in Indonesia. Faced with an opportunity to employ our technological expertise for environmental benefit, we at Next Empire were immediately drawn into the cause.

WAHU Mobile screens overview

Next Empire, fortified by its specialised knowledge in product creation, stepped in to provide comprehensive support to Merlijn and his co-founder. Our role was hands-on and multifaceted. We lent our expertise to the digital solution’s visual and conceptual development, shaping an innovative product that embodied the founders’ vision and mission.

Our involvement was not limited to the design phase. As experts in creating market-ready digital products, we consulted the founders where possible through the crucial investment rounds, equipping them with the tools and technical knowhow needed for successful funding.

This case serves as a testament to Next Empire’s commitment to leveraging its product creation prowess to drive positive change, aiding visionary founders in transforming their concepts into impactful and tangible solutions.

Over the past few months we worked diligently on the Wahu platform, always in in close contact with the founders. WaHu is a company committed to reducing plastic waste in Indonesia.

Mission WaHu’s mission is to build a large-scale waste management infrastructure in Southeast Asia to prevent future pollution of the oceans, and we at Simdo are happy to contribute to this.

How WaHu does this through their ‘WaHu waste hubs’ that are located in Indonesia. This is a custom-designed system in a beautifully designed container that collects, processes, and prepares plastic for recycling. Everyone can bring their plastic to these hubs and receive a financial reward per kilogram of collected plastic.

Wahu - app

Apps Next Empire, developed the IOS & Android app for WaHu. We integrated a local payment aggregator. In the app the ‘Collectors’ can see an overview of their ‘Collections’. The ‘Location Manager’ (the employee in the WaHu waste hub) can indicate what type of plastic it is, how many kilograms have been collected, and can make the payment to the ‘collector’. The IOS & Android app are now available in the App Store and Play Store.