For the first time in Walmart’s history a company is challenging Barbie by Matel. We have build an AR experience to accompany a new line of dolls. SNAPSTAR STUDIO by YULU. An Augmented Reality app that lets the user create realtime makeup on the doll you have.


We created apps both iOS and Android that accompany a line of six dolls. These dolls - SNAPSTAR STUDIO girls - are available in every Walmart in the States and in Canada and will soon be available in 42 other countries worldwide. The apps help you as a young fashionista to play around with the camera, lighting, framing and after taking the picture doing the makeup on the doll’s face. Playing with the makeup is the price-feature of the app.


By using a custom neural network / an AI - trained specifically for the doll’s faces - we can detect and paint makeup pretty precisely on the dolls faces. This custom neural network is trained by a subset of thousands of pictures of the actual dolls. These pictures are then annotated, eyes, chin, lips, etc. And the last step is training the network with this dataset.


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