Radio Radio

Radio Radio is a pop-up DJ bar in Amsterdam's Westerpark and a curated selection of dj-sets online. In the bar two DJs play all night long, every Thursday to Sunday and most sets are streamed live for the world to see.


Radio Radio is a tribute to the great underground culture online radio stations. The likes of NTS, Red Light Radio (amsterdam), Worldwide FM, Dublab, Lot radio and a few more.


Before landing a physical venue we concepted an app in which we wanted to curate DJ-sets. All stations combined have over 100 new shows per day. No single person can ever listen to that. So we decided to make a sub selection. Not the best, not the latest, but the ones we like most. Very subjective. Some stations help us out and suggest various sets to curate and we are thankful for that because listening to all is hard.


Unexpectedly we ran into this sweet little spot in Westerpark Amsterdam. We actually wanted to move offices here, but it was - in the beginning - only temporary, so we decided to do something else. In the midst of making new digital plans we decided to combine that ambition with another dream of starting our own dj-cafe. And so it began.


As said we have live streams a couple of times a week.


Website: Android: On it’s way
iOS: On it’s way