Artis - Sleepwalk

Artis is the best known zoo in the Netherlands. Most people have been there at least once. With a steady group of recurring visitors Artis wanted to create a new experience to broaden the offering of the zoo. With this came the request to also strategically carve out a new business model that could last.

After a half year of several meetings and two design sprints, we came to a concept that could potentially grow to become an all year round solution. An experience and a new business model in one. Behold the Sleepwalk. A blueprint of many “walks” to come.


Sleepwalk poster OOH

Update – We have now done three updated walks so far, using the same apps for different experiences every time.

The avondwandeling

See below the screenshots of 1 of those walks called the “Avondwandeling”. Avondwandeling

Full case update will be online soon.