Sourcy Vitaminwater

For Sourcy Vitaminwater we modified an escalator and build and programmed a custom aluminum wheel of fortune to play a game with the unsuspecting passers by.

    In the summer of 2015 we were approached by Daniel Disselkoen and Roen Roomberg to help realise an idea they had. After getting all the details in place we started production. Finding an escalator we could take apart and modify, building a custom 3 and a half meters high aluminium wheel of fortune and getting the realtime 12 camera crew in place.


    The big idea was to awaken people out of their daily slumber whilst in transit. Taking the colours of the various flavours of Sourcy Vitaminwater we powder-coated all stairs in those colours. Same with the custom wheel of fortune and the mechanics were as follows. When an unsuspecting passer by got on the escalator the would unknowingly choose a colour. At the moment this happened the wheel would get a spin outdoor but only a few meters from the actual escalator. On a big screen hung above the escalator Eddy Zoey (the host) would speak to the passer by, surprising them with his direct attention. If someone was on the same colour as the wheel of fortune they would win a prize once they came of the escalator. Sounds simple enough. =)

    Escalator & Wheel of Fortune

    One of the biggest challenges in this production was getting an escalator owner to allow us to modify their stairs. The trick we used was finding an extra set of escalator stairs, professionally powder-coating them and then replacing all stairs in 1 night so the escalator doesn’t miss a beat of its public function of transporting 10k plus people a day.

    For the wheel of fortune we build it to the max size still transportable on a normal car. We programmed the wheel to run it’s lights depending on the speed of the wheel and displaying various pre-sets to entertain the spectators.

    Shoot day

    On the actual shoot we had perfect weather, a great host and all came together perfectly. We shot over 50 people winning prizes and handed out more then 300 brightly coloured gifts.


    The film that we edited from this day received over 10 million social views on Youtube and FB combined.

    Hong Kong

    The grand prize was a trip to Hong Kong and a little bit of help on spreading the Sourcy Vitaminwater colours with us.