PostNL - Sally

Next Empire partnered with Dutch postal company PostNL to prototype a new product, namely Sally - an app making it easy to sell anything you own.

  • ios
  • psp-integration

In the ever changing environment of postal services PostNL is actively exploring new business opportunities and looking to better their service towards their clients. The digital revolution has dramatically changed the landscape in which the postal business operates. Sally simplifies and modernizes selling any item one wishes to sell in just a few simple steps. All you do is take a photo, give a brief description and upload it to your social networks, with all payment and logistical options integrated.


Sally in a nutshell

Share, sell, ship.
"Our business can best be described as ‘simple social selling’. Our app enables you to sell your things online. Not in an entire web shop, but with a simple link that anybody can click on and buy your things."


The hypothesis here is that most things are best sold to people with the same interests and likings. Most frequently these people are found in your first line of friends, or the item is shared by these friends to other walls.


We helped PostNL fine-tune the concept and technically to bring it to life. We designed the iOS app and website, which together make the prototype. Currently, the prototype is in the hands of a small group of test users.