3FM Serious Request

We crafted a personal video app for 3FM Serious Request – one of the Netherlands largest charity events.

  • ios
  • android
  • auto-rendering

Serious Request is an annual fundraiser event organized by 3FM (one of the Netherlands’ largest public radio stations) to collect money for Red Cross initiatives. In order to help people promote their own individual action, we created the “3FM Kom In Actie” app. This app enables users to create and share a personal video for their fundraiser.


Anybody can set up their own fundraiser project for Serious Request. The main question, however, is how to promote it. To solve this problem, we developed a video app that lets individual fundraisers create a personal video that looks good, is easy to make and easy to share.

Favourite DJ

With the “3FM Kom In Actie” app participants create a promotional video together with their favourite 3FM DJ. The app (with the DJ as personal assistant) records the name of participants, a short description of the fundraiser and ends with a big “THANK YOU!”. After recording these short bits, the app automatically (within seconds) renders a pre-edited video featuring the participants together with their DJ of choice. The result is always very nice and perfect for sharing (15 sec. video).



During this event over 12.000 apps were downloaded for the promotion of 5.000 individual fundraising projects. It therefore proved to be a significant contribution to 3FM Serious Request’s raising of over 12.000.000 euro for female war victims.