In our lab we repurpose, combine and develop new technology. Exploring that which has not yet been discovered

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Neural Network - Shape Detection

For a new upcoming Augmented Reality project we are exploring the limits of training a neural network to detect shapes in everyday surroundings. No markers, no faces, true abstract shapes. Fingers crossed.

Apple TV - 360

We are pushing a Virtual Reality project we did last year to the Apple TV. Creating an interactive 360 experience unlike any we have seen so far. Expect this app to hit the shelves in a month or so! Original project can be found here: MortonF

Joep Beving

We’re creating a virtual reality app for Dutch composer and pianist Joep Beving. This project includes experimenting with tracking objects in a panoramic 360° video and using 'neural networks' to create the video. A neural network is basically an algorithm. This specific algorithm looks at paintings and extracts all kinds of information from them. By then 'feeding' the network the video, the network tries to replicate what it knows about painting.