In our lab we repurpose, combine and develop new technology. Exploring that which has not yet been discovered

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Joep Beving

We’re creating a virtual reality app for Dutch composer and pianist Joep Beving. This project includes experimenting with tracking objects in a panoramic 360° video and using 'neural networks' to create the video. A neural network is basically an algorithm. This specific algorithm looks at paintings and extracts all kinds of information from them. By then 'feeding' the network the video, the network tries to replicate what it knows about painting.

Social Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality automatically becomes an exclusive experience as soon as one puts on the goggles. Currently we are investigating ways of making VR more inclusive or social rather. We have therefore created an app (for Google Cardboard) which allows multiple users to experience VR together. You start by logging in with Facebook. Next you invite friends to join your experience. Then you put on your goggles and can enjoy VR while talking to your friends through an open audio channel.


We are currently helping to develop and shape Baboen Baboen. This Amsterdam based start-up organization is aimed at bridging the gap between stay- home youngsters and freelancers who need an extra hand. Baboen playfully brings them together by introducing a very own currency.