ByBorre - Connected Garment

After receiving the grant from WEARSUSTAIN together with byBorre we worked and concepted an idea for a connected scarf. byBorre was already working on integrating a chip into the garment and had done so beautifully. The challenge here was to create more awareness of ownership of a garment and through that create more sustainable usage of the garment.



The scarf is designated to have multiple owners during it’s lifespan. It starts without an owner from original idea through the manufacturing proces and finally being handed over to one of 5 recipients handpicked by the by Borre team. Making the ownership temporary creates a feeling of conscious engagement with the garment. During your ownership memories can be made and interactions through chat and wearing of the scarf will prolong the ownership and neglect will shorten the time you have as an owner.


There are three variables of importance that effect the duration of the current ownership of the byBorre garment - the scarf. These variables all are directly related to engagement with the scarf. The more you engage the more time you prolong with the scarf. Each user will have a minimum of 3 days with the scarf and a maximum of 10 days. This way the scarf will build memories from before you were the owner, whilst you are the owner and after you have passed the scarf on to the next owner. In a way the scarf decides how long it will stay with its current owner based on the engagement the current owner puts into the relationship.


Since wearing is caring and this is the most intimate form of interaction with the scarf, this is the variable of most influence. The more you wear the scarf - measured by proximity AND movement via the estimote beacon embedded in the scarf - the more points you earn to make your relationship last longer.


The scarf has memories from before you were together, it - or better said you as the current owner - will collect memories whilst the scarf is in your possession and most likely the owner that comes next will add his or her memories. Adding memories is done by taking pictures with the scarf at destinations that the scarf itself has set out for you. For instance at the Eiffel tower, or underneath the statue of Liberty. For each bucket-list item that is fulfilled you gain points and therefor prolong your time with the scarf.


The only way that the scarf can literally communicate with you is via the chat option within the app. This chat will be triggered by various variables, either asking for a memory from the bucket-list, or simple to be worn to helping you out how to wear the scarf with sunny weather or when it rains. Or how to treat the scarf when its wet, or when your getting close to losing the scarf. Every interaction in the chat is rewarded with relation extending points so you can hold on to the scarf just a little longer.