CONCEPT - Red Bull - Track a day

An Instagram account filled with one song a day by Red Bull’s handpicked curators, with beautiful visuals derived from the albums artwork.


Trust each curator to select 1 song per week, 7 curators in a week. An instagram based teaser selection, fresh every day.


Every day a new moving visual is posted on Instagram, a 15 second visual. A slow transition of an abstraction of the cover art. Not recognisable at all, except if you know the cover. You don’t know what artist it is. By trusting the Red Bull curator you invest your time by the clicking to the RB site, where you find a complete Spotify integrated playlisted website.

On Instagram you only see colours and abstract forms slowly transitioning towards the cover art that belongs with the song. Accompanied by short copy provided by the curator why this track was chosen, that slowly appears on the visual. Click in bio leads to the RB site to play th playlist of each curator.


On the Red Bull website. You land on the page where the music is posted. Preferably a dedicated page to this particular song. You see the details: name of the curator, 1 sentence explaining the choice of the track and you can play the song itself.


Ideally we would tease the actual song already on Instagram for 15 or even 30 seconds. Listening without knowing what the artist is. Trusting the curator “blindly”. This is a potential rights issue, needs to be researched.