Gemeente Utrecht - Free Money!

For an awareness campaign amongst students, we built this "cash machine". Answer a few basic questions about your situation and get instant feedback - printed with our money machine on a ticket for you to take home - stating the amount you might be missing out on!

CASH MACHINE We built the machine to be a funky version of a normal ATM - but with the same options. An interactive screen and interface, a numeric keypad (shipped from China) identical to the classic ATMs and a ticket printer as a substitute for the money window.

EXPERIENCE Come up to the cash machine, answer a few simple questions and instantly get to see what amount of money you might be missing out on per month. This amount is then printed on the ticket via an industrial thermo printer that we built in and controlled via a mini-server running on a raspberry pi.

WEBSITE For this campaign, we also built a landing page website. This website raised the same questions, the only addition was a minor chatbot and chat function. Both went offline after the campaign stopped.

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